As he eats at every restaurant in New Orleans (over 700 to be exact), New York minister Ray Cannata makes this city in repair his new home. Together, he and his church community set out to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, leading them on a journey of love, cuisine, culture, and healing.

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Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

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Sesame Street’s Star Wars parody teaching self control through cookies? Yes. Very much yes.

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30Under30 Film Festival

Young filmmakers get a spotlight all their own in the 30UNDER30 Film Festival in NYC. Spread over 3 venues and 3 nights, they will screen 30 new films by filmmakers under 30 years old. It will be a meaningful weekend full of networking, distribution, and storytelling— October 3-5!

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Movie Theaters in South India | Stefanie Zoche

Beautiful & powerful.

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Have a fierce Friday. 

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Jabberwocky takes the familiar tea party storyline to a dark, beautifully twisted place. The filmmakers themselves say it best: “It’s incredible fun to play with a mythology so loaded with expectation and to subvert that into something new.”

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The 100 Most Iconic Shots in Movie History

Cinefix has gone above and beyond with this supercut, all we can do is sit back and wait for someone to remake it entirely using clips from “The Simpsons.”

Do you agree? 

Just a little food for thought?

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Two ambitious women, Emma Ramos and Irene Sofia Lucio, are setting out to change Latino stereotypes on screen. In their comedy web series, they explore new dimensions of B. U. T. S (Bilingual, Underrepresented, Titless, Sallies), bringing us humor, wit, and a powerful message.

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Experience the fun of sound design and fashion in COS’s latest video.

Too cool not to share: a slick, behind-the-scenes look at one perspective of the world of a sound designer. 

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Cheap Plastic Mask

Tight spaces and strangers might be a recipe for disaster… In Cheap Plastic Mask, two disenchanted strangers meet in the bathroom of a Halloween party. What starts as an unassuming conversation devolves into a desperate struggle for survival when sinister intentions invade the claustrophobic space. 

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What if the answer to maintaining cinema’s cultural relevance lies not in making the theatrical experience more bombastic, but rather, more customized?

Zach Wigon

What if….?

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What happens when you return to your hometown and find yourself facing challenges, old and new, in the classroom and at home?

Trampoline is an Irish coming of age film that follows Angie Corbett, who moves back to her hometown in Tipperary where she gets a job teaching in her old school. Struggling with her class, Angie must also reconnect with her family and the life she thought she had left behind.

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Werner Herzog, born September 5, 1942.

Another happy birthday to a great director. Cheers!